ref:200 - "professionnel" water bottle

Although the ref:197 "criterium" and ref:200 "professionnel" water bottles are very similiar in both shape and in the presence of the 3 raised rings around the upper portion of the bottle, there are 2 major visual differences which allow them to be told apart when viewed either side-by-side and independant of each other. First, size - the "criterium" is a 50cl bottle, and the "professionnel" is a 60cl bottle - simple enough, but close enough that it might require comparison. Second, the lid - the "professionnel" has a ref:21 lid (pop-up drinking valve, usually white with a black nozzle) while the "criterium" has a ref:20 lid (typically red, with a drinking spot and attached cover for this.) Earlier versions of the bottle, however, have a spout-less lid, and 7 closely-spaced ribs around the upper portion of the bottle rather than the later widely-spaced 3 ribs (see the KSV Deerlijk bottle below).

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