Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 16 Nov 1947

From France-Soir (France), 15 Nov 1947:

Jean Pieters

Postponed to an unspecified date last March, because of the press strike, the traditional championnat des porteurs de journaux will be run tomorrow afternoon, on the now traditional course.

Organized since 1945 by the Club Sportif des Messageries de la Presse, this picturesque and quite Parisian race is followed more and more by the public each year. This championship is also the feastday of all these untiring "roule-toujours" which, in Paris and its suburbs, deliver by bicycle the various editions of the big national evening dailies.

Ribeyre, the sprinter of the '30s, triumphed last year. He will be at the start again this year, in the company of Flahaut and Gallotini, alongside the rising stars of youth. The latter are named: Rene and Jean Lauk, Solente, Piéters, Smout, Prestat, Schlaffé, Boncorpe, Cathelin, Le Menez, Spapéri, etc.

The registration list was closed with 126 entrants, composed 8-member teams, representing the large newspapers, and 78 independant riders, to be lined up at the start.

The battle, as much for the individual title as for that of the team prize, is declared to be tight. The "stables", indeed, are of appreciably equal strength.

For the possession of the Challenge Verdière, the contest is dominated by four teams (Paris-Presse, l'Intransigeant, Ce Soir and Sport-Complet). Nevertheless, our confidence is in our newspaper's team, which seems placed well to secure a victory, which they come very close to each year.

Individually, our preferences will go to Jean and Rene Lauk, Solente, Ribeyre, Smout and to the Bellevilliois Jean Pieters, who is our favourite.

The leader of France-Soir should carry himself perfectly with the load of 15 kilos and bring his package of newspapers victoriously to the Moulin de la Galette, after having eaten up the climbs of the boulevard Lefèbvre and the boulevard Mortier, principle difficulties of the race.

START - 15 h., corner of rues Montmartre and Réaumur. - Finish - 16 h. 30, behind the Moulin de la Galette.

Article courtesy of Jean Pieters.

From France-Soir (France), 15 Nov 1947:

At the championnat des "roule-toujours"

Pieters, of France-Soir, wants to pass Ribeyre and beat the Lauk brothers

As a good captain of the team of the porteurs de journaux of France-Soir - which, tomorrow, will dispute the championship of the corporation - Pieters, top track racer, brought together his team members in front of a map of Paris.

France-Soir will be represented by Pieters, Pare, Pellon, Lefebvre, Bacque, Kremer, Bottelier, Hamm. Replacement: Fay.

- It is here, said he by indicating with his finger the rise of the rue Notre Dame de Lorette, the cobbles of the boulevard Victor and the climbs of the boulevards Lefebvre and Mortier, that the strategic points of the race are.

It is indeed in these points of the circuit of Paris, that the title of the "roule-toujours" will be played out. It will be necessary to be wary of the attacks of the brothers Jean and René Lauk, Guy Solente, L. Cathelin, all racers of merit and favorites among the 125 entrants.

On this particularly severe 40 kilometer course, these will be advantages by the nature of the surface and topography.

The start will be at 3 p.m. at the corner of rues Montmartre and Réaumur, and the finish will be around 4 p.m., at the top of the avenue Junot

The fact remains that last year, it was a former sprinter, Ribeyre, who won the prize. He will still be an outsider this year. It is Pieters' responsibility to take over and to beat the Lauk brothers, hot favorites of this popular race.

Article courtesy of Jean Pieters.

From But et Club (France), 17 Nov 1947:

The newspaper couriers have as champion a rider of quality: Guy Solente

Sunday, in Paris, the traditional race of the newspaper couriers unrolls. The start has just been made.

His hands high on the handlebars, remarkably at ease, Solenta crosses the finish line in Montmartre as victor.
After his great success, Solente, who holds in his hands the winner's bouquet, is carried in triumph by his supporters.

From an unknown French daily, 17? Nov 1947:

The newspaper couriers have as champion a rider of quality: Guy Solente

A strident whistle resounds, Henri Boudard has just given the start. The 125 entrants of the championnat des porteurs de journaux race for their body's title.

At the top of the climb of the rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, a crowd massed, and it is with the cry of "Vivent les zizis!" that Jean Lauk at the head of the compact peloton is greeted and encouraged.

The race evolves at the pace of a bitter wind. At l'Etoile, Pieters, captain of the Record-Dimanche team, passes at the front with the Lauk brothers and heads towards the viaduc d'Auteuil. The rest of the peloton follows at 25 meters. The climb of the cobbled boulevard Victor, one of the strategic points of the rest, fails to play its expected selective role. Lauk and Guy Solente climb it rather easily, followed always by the compact peloton.


Article courtesy of Jean Pieters.

The group crossing the old Pont d'Auteuil (replaced by the Pont du Garioliano in 1962)
Guy Solente leading a small group
Guy Solente at the finish on the ave Junot
Guy Solente after the finish

The group crossing the old Pont d'Auteuil

Photo courtesy of Jean Pieters.

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