Jack Taylor transfers

Early Taylors came with what are termed by Norman "gothic" transfers, later frames (post-1956) mostly had the newer "mondrian" transfers. The older "gothic" transfers were still available upon request, and actually became prevalent again in the later years as the "mondrian" transfers began to run out.

"gothic" transfers

The original Jack Taylor frame transfers. Down tube transfers came in a variety of colors - so far I've seen solid red, red w/ black outline, solid yellow (possibly repro), black w/grey shadow, and white (possibly repro).

head tube/seat tube transfer

down tube transfer

"mondrian" transfers

These transfers, sometimes seen referred to as "modern" transfers on Jack Taylor invoices, were designed by Mrs. Dave Radmore of (coincidentally) Stockton, California - one of the couple from Stockton who visited the Taylors back in the 1950s to purchase a tandem, as mentioned in The Custom Bicycle.

head tube/seat tube transfer

down tube transfer

Taylor Reynolds transfers

As a result of their close relationship, and the volume of their order, Reynolds made available custom decals for them, which, instead of the usual "531Reynolds" slanted writing, had "Model Tourist" (for example) - These ran out perhaps sometime in the late 1970s or 1980s, when Taylor began using the standard Reynolds transfers.

To some extent, these indicate the model of the frame in question, but may also simply refer to the starting point, or closest production model, for custom work.

"enamelled by jack taylor" transfers

Jack did offer his services for refinishing, mostly for machines of their own construction, but up until sometime earlier than the 80s would do work on other marques. Later pricelists explicitly limit refinishing work to Taylor machines only.

head tube/seat tube transfer

reproduction transfers

Bob Freeman, of Elliot Bay Bicycles in Seattle, has obtained permission from Norman Taylor to reproduce Jack Taylor frame transfers. These are available in sets for single and tandem bicycles. "Mondrian" sets include later rainbow bands with white outlines, "gothic" sets include early style rainbow bands with no outlines and silver spacing stripes. Please contact him for pricing and other information.

single "mondrian" set, tandem "mondrian" set

"gothic" transfers, early style rainbow bands, "tourist" and "tour of britain" 531 transfers

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