Jack Taylor #8467

Webmaster's bike - this one is my randonneur/light touring/all-rounder type bike, and as a real user, is a weird combo of parts i just *like*, regardless of time period or anything else. Some racing bits, some touring bits, some (gasp) mountain bike bits. It's a beaut of a bike - besides being probably about as expensive a paint job as you could get on a taylor (two color box lining, lug lining, ht/st panels...), the extra mile seems to have been gone all around - windowed long-point lugs, 3/4 wrap top eyes, campy ends... Components include Mavic handlebars and brake levers, Taylor stem, Mafac Racer brakes, Suntour AR rear derailleur, Huret front, Simplex retrofriction shifters mounted on a modified Campy band, TA cranks/bb/rings/pedals, WTB rear hub/Schmidt Dynamo front, on Mavic MA2 rims, Honjo fenders, custom leather mudflaps.

My housemate built me some racks for this frame, in sort of a Jack Taylor/Herse/TA combination to fit my Carradice saddlebag and Sologne handlebar bag.

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