Jack Taylor #7603

This is the webmaster's project Taylor - somewhat of a "back from the dead" project, at that... the frame has a nice ding in the top tube, which you can see in several of these photos, and the top tube is also bent slightly off to the right. with the frame now built up, I've discovered that this doesn't seem to have affected the handling of the bike much (though I don't have too many miles on it as of yet) - rides no hands no problem, and doesn't feel wonky.

Originally I had planned to build it up full vintage style, but given that this is to be my touring rig, I decided in the end that some bits would just have to be replaced with more modern gear. To begin with, if I'm to be seriously touring on this, there's no reason to stick with vintage lighting when modern lights are so much better. Second, the same goes for rims - sure the old ones are just fine, but when newer rims are both easier to find and more durable, well... I had a spare Schmidt dynamo hub anyhow. The brake pads and set post are a nod to some of my mountain bike proclivities - the IRD post is still my absolute favorite seatpost, and I tend to feel that I need a damn good excuse not to use one on every bike I'm not restoring to original spec... Went with the Modolo levers over some Campys I had around cause I just like the bend of the Modolos so much. Was again severely tempted by the Campy barend shifters, but in the end went with the Suntours cause they're just so damn smooth and easy to shift with. The Campy front derailleur may get scrapped in favor of something with a big longer cage shortly here.


Components still needed:

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