Jack Taylor #7574

Fenders - Bluemels Super Sport (blue of course)
Brakes - Mafac Criterium, drilled levers
Shifters - Campagnolo bar ends
Crankset - Specialites TA 50/40/28
Derailleur Front - Campagnolo Rally
Derailleur Back - Campagnolo Rally
Stem - Cinelli
Saddle - Brooks Professional, small rivets
Pedels - TA
Headset - Stonglight
Wheelset - Super Champion 27"
Tires - Michelin World Tour
Hubs - Phil Wood, first generation 3-piece 40-hole rear, 36-hole front
Skewers - Campagnolo
Seatpost - Campagnolo Super Record

History - (2) frames (this one and #7589) were purchased by a gentleman from the Bay Area. He rode one and stored one. He died and his heirs sold it to Stones Cyclery. A friend of mine bought it and built it up, but never rode it. Just was not his cup of tea. I found out about it from him and he offered it for sale. Of course I bought it...love at first sight. I will keep it forever.

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