Jack Taylor #5442

Original specs:

Color: flambouyant blue with white box lining
Frame: 22"x 21" mixteback
Brakes: Mafac cantis and Atom rear drum (may not be original). Mafac levers (one with double cable pull)
Crankset: Williams double 52/36 steel
Derailleurs: NR front, Campy GT rear (may not be original?), NR braze on DT shifters
Bars and stem: GB Maes with JT stems
Wheels: Super Champion 58 (27") to front NR track hub and Atom rear (I replaced the rims, hubs may not be original)
Misc: alloy fenders (JT NOS from Martin Coopland), steel 26.4 front seatpost, alloy rear post, TDC BB, Stronglight headset, Regina 13-31 fw.
Decals: block type JT on seat tubes, headtube, and downtube, Striped bands on both seat tubes, 531 butted Sports Model on down tube, 531 plain gauge forks, tubes , stays on boom tube (?!!).

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