Joel Metz's photos

There aren't as many photos here as there should be, cause late on the second night camping in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, i decided that one of my nighttime photo attempts had failed, and then, in my tiredness, cleverly erased the whole flash memory card rather than just one photo. The moral of the story? It's a freaking digital camera. when you can take 400 pictures at a time, don't delete anything until you're home and have the whole thing saved to disk...

Nor-Cal, the first appearance of "Portland" on a mileage sign - almost halfway!

The northern California coast, south of Klamath somewhere

Riding through Redwood National Park

We stopped here, just north of Klamath, and had smoked salmon sandwiches. They were expensive, but damn good.

Ah, the Trees of Mystery. I remember these from vacations as a kid. What forest-related tourist trap is complete without Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox? This time, i rode right past. This section of PCH, up through Oregon, is rife with tourist crap-o-rama.

Just south of Crescent City, more highway

Just north of Crescent City - really, this was a beautiful sunset. Honest.

This is the sign you have longed to see... roughly the halfway point

The moon over the water at Brookings, 3rd night. Another attempt at nighttime digital photography. No deleting this time...

The beauty of the Oregon Coast, peeking through the fog

These signs just cracked me up for some reason. Yes, river inlets are tsunami hazard zones, because of the way the resulting harbor magnifies the waves, but still... That figure running away, and just the whole concept crazks me up somehow.

Kathleen's friend Abby (sp?) washing root vegetables at the farm near Langlois. We almost didn't leave here - something about farms just does that to me...

Murphy Hilll, the last marked climb before Portland. There were bigger climbs earlier in the ride, and more little ones to come, but this was the last one worth a sign.

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