rebour drawings - november 1951, part 3

translation of accompanying captions:

1: alcyon assembles l'alcyonette with a broad, flexible, and slightly raised ahndlebar.

2: ravat equips their racing machines with this double chainwheel of very light design.

3: helyett present a moped whose rear hub has a bohem pin, with 2 notched sides, teeth on the left for engine power and the drum brake, and teeth on the right to engage the bicycle chain.

4: captivante has chosen this original placement, underneath the bottom bracket, for the dynamo.

5: bertin placed the new lam hoods on the brakes of its competition model.

6: promo-vichy and luchien michard showed their beam-frame moped; the fuel tank is composed of the downtube and seat tube.

7: narcisse constructed this fork with a single tube mount for the headlight for its moped.

8: automoto attaches the twin headlights of its cyclotourist model to a small horizontal tube welded to the front of the rack.

9: liberia looks after its joints; the lug is chrome, as well as the seatstay end caps; note the rear brake cable stop.

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