rebour drawings - november 1951, part 1

translation of accompanying captions:

1: talbot mounts this large auteroche headlight on the telescoping suspension fork of its moped.

2: favor welds this rack furnished with metal cases, for its high-end frames.

3: follis presents this elegant small rack.

4: radior supports this rack only by legs brazed above the bend of the fork legs.

5: stella brazes these hooks at the base of the racks, in the form of an "s", the initial of the brand, on which to attach bags or sandows(?).

6: bianchi equips its race model with mudguards, the front one is supplemented by an extension.

7: rochet exhibits a womens frame, decorated by 3 aluminum alloy strands, which are held by ?.

8: gitane in order to protect the headlight, mounts it on a lower tube in front of the rack.

9: vbf ends its seatstays with this ribbed cap.

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