rebour drawings - october 1949, part 2

translation of accompanying captions:

comments on the drawings and notes:

1: l. piat : light rear rack (exposition).

2: unknown : very decorated headtube (randonee).

3: c.d.f. : rack with headlight support (exposition).

4: ferdinand : articulated rear cable housing stop (exposition).

5: longoni : modified car hub and chainstay with chain support (exposition).

6: chaplait : piel pedals used by the owner (randonee).

7<: liberia : house-made front derailleur (exposition).

8: hugonnier-routens : round fork blades and rack forming dynamo support: the headlight is incorporated into this one (randonee).

9: c.i.m. : aluminum frame with tubes ovalized at the ends, and iso pedals (exposition).

10: c.d.f. :taillight fixed between the seatstays, with internal wiring (exposition).

11: f. follis : house-made brake lever (exposition).

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