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It ranges from primary care and chronic care to post-hospitalisation or surgery care and end-of-life care. We use a lot of technology, but we are a very medically-driven company and we provide solutions.

For instance, if somebody needs to set up an ICU at home for an elderly person or needs ICU-like care for recovery, we would do the entire solutioning for them, be it the medical equipment they need, nursing care, the supervision or the technology that is required to monitor all this.

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Q:How did you ride out the pandemic? A: This is something that nobody can prepare for, irrespective of how much you have invested or how good your healthcare infrastructure is.

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In that context, I think some really heroic and extremely path-breaking work has happened in the healthcare sector, public and private alike. I saw all kinds of new regulations being approved by the government literally overnight, whether it s telemedicine or pharmacy regulations.

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I saw the government working very closely with the private sector, the latter coming up with newer solutions and there was a constant dialogue through it all. There was constant innovation and an immense amount of new ideas from the industry, which was also absorbed by the government. This, to me, is one of the highlights of this pandemic — how everybody came together to tackle it.

Undoubtedly, we could have done more or maybe we could have been better prepared. But, for a moment, I think it s important to at least appreciate what we were able to accomplish.

Some of the learnings that I personally took away was that there has to be a lot more thoughtful and forward-looking plans for this whole sector, bringing in all elements of the healthcare delivery system be it digital health, healthcare-at-home or community- and facility-based care. Stitching all this — as well as the payer side of things, be it the insurance companies or the government — together with a great tech layer to ensure data can flow easily was a big learning.

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A key takeaway is that healthcare cannot be something that the state manages and delivers, with the rest of us playing recipients. There is no getting away from public-private partnerships in this space and there has to be a lot of trust between the two so that we are able to deliver great healthcare at the end of the day.

The pandemic also highlighted the need to find mechanisms by which we can provide better healthcare access in the rural and semi-urban areas, which struggled even more than anybody else through the waves. It s not just about creating more hospitals or clinics.

It is about how to make the community self-sufficient. Are there other modes by which you could create healthcare entrepreneurs or healthcare workers who can provide immediate care to people in their homes or in their communities?

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But as the numbers became very large, it was obvious even in the first wave that this route was not going to be feasible. This partnership took a lot of pressure off the facilities and helped the government manage the first wave in a much more contained manner. Of course, a lot of corporate and individual patients also came to us for care-at-home services during this period.

Then came the second wave, with its sudden and very intense peaking.

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This time round, home healthcare became essential not just for asymptomatic and mild cases but also for patients showing moderate symptoms, which meant they needed oxygen care as well as continuous nursing and monitoring at home. In fact, even after that, it made more sense for those that could be managed at home to rely on home care service providers like Portea.

We procured some of these concentrations while others were donated. So we saw a lot of people coming together and joining hands with us. Another interesting trend was that a lot of pharma companies, insurers and senior doctors wanted us to carry out some procedures and therapies that would normally have been done in a hospital right at home. For instance, they wanted us to see if we can do more dialysis at home or support cancer patients for many of their therapies at home, in some cases even chemotherapy.

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They still don t want to step out. So the pandemic led to a huge demand for teleconsultation. Lab pickups at home, too, have now become the new normal. Nobody wants to go to a local lab to give samples — this is something that has changed for good. So, yes, the pandemic proved a very big tailwind for my industry as a whole.

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Q: How much does it cost to set up an ICU at home? Typically these kinds of patients are sent to us by hospitals since they need more monitoring than active care and hence can be managed at home, unless things change for the worse.

Q: What were the important lessons that you learnt during these turbulent times? A: One of the biggest takeaways for me is the lesson of resilience. When the pandemic first hit, and the lockdown was announced, after the initial shock and awe, it was very heartening to see how my entire team — not just the leadership team but all the way down to the nurses and physiotherapists — immediately said that retreat is not an option so let s find the best way of continuing to provide our services.

So the team got together and quickly came up with the newer offerings mentioned earlier — all the services that the customers never asked for before but now needed at home.

It was amazing to see the nimbleness with which the company turned around with completely new solutions overnight, despite meeting exclusively on WhatsApp and Zoom calls. The parents of a couple may also not allow for such a relationship, and may not allow the couple to reside in the same house.

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The couples also face issues when they seek residence on rent. Apart from the issue of the place of residence, the couple also faces issues at the workplace and other public places. Documentation challenges The issue of documents, especially in cases of a joint account holder, insurances, bank details, etc, the couple faces challenges due to the absence of a live-in relationship column. Cultural values Indian society is highly influenced by the culture and traditions to which it belongs, and since all the cultures and traditions were established a very long time ago, they do not encourage the concept of the live-in relationship which is continued in contemporary times.

Cultural values play an important role in the acts, and thoughts of society, and since society is influenced by cultural values, live-in relationships are highly discouraged. Succession and Inheritance challenges The concept of a live-in relationship is comparatively new and therefore, there are no amendments regarding the right to succession and inheritance in cases of live-in relationship, since all the succession and inheritance laws were earlier primarily concerned with a married couple.

What are the reasons behind live-in relationships The reasons behind opting for a live-in relationship are: The couple wants to determine the compatibility among each other before they enter into formal wedlock. Both the parties to a live-in relationship want to continue their relationship status as single and not married.

In certain cases of a homosexual couple, or those who are already married, the laws do not allow such couples to enter into a wedlock.

And the good thing about these apps: All these applications let you begin making new relationships from the convenience of your house and at a time that suits you.

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