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The outbreak was first reported by the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin in the northern part of the island—the first site in the Americas to report autochthonous transmission of CHIKV. Actual prevalence may have been higher, as some cases may have been misdiagnosed as dengue.

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Continuing their history of collaboration, the French and Dutch parts of the island coordinated efforts for prevention and control of the disease. These included a formal agreement to exchange epidemiological information on a regular basis and provide alerts in a timely manner; collaboration among personnel through joint island-wide planning of mosquito control activities, especially along borders; notification of all island visitors, upon their arrival at airports and seaports, of preventative measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes; dissemination of educational materials to the public; and island-wide public awareness campaigns, particularly in densely populated areas, for both residents and visitors.

The information provided in this report could help increase understanding of the epidemiological characteristics of CHIKV and guide other countries dealing with vector-borne epidemics. Imported chikungunya virus infection. Emerg Infect Dis. Chikungunya: a re-emerging virus.

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Euro Surveill. Detection and diagnosis of the disease can be challenging, especially in settings where dengue is endemic. Point Epidemiol Cire Antilles Guyane. Dengue is endemic to the island, and although a dengue epidemic was ongoing at the time, negative laboratory tests suggested a cause other than dengue virus.

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The information provided below could help increase understanding of the epidemiological characteristics of this emerging infectious disease and guide other countries dealing with vector-borne epidemics. Ethan Coen , ideologies , together by government departments. The matchmaking firm set itself apart by offering discreet introductions.

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Boosters are usually recommended in a country or situation where the correct treatment of an injury may not be readily available. Risk is higher where access to adequate sanitation and safe water is limited. Malaria Malaria not normally present unless the illness was contracted abroad. Symptoms include fever, headache, severe joint, bone and muscular pain - hence its other name breakbone fever .

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There is no vaccine and prevention is through avoidance of mosquito bites. For further information see Dengue Fever. You should consider: Is your journey really necessary? Check the latest government guidance on the FCDO foreign travel advice and country pages for travel to this country and the rules you must follow on entering the UK on your return.

If you are at increased risk you should reconsider your travel plans and seek medical advice prior to making any decisions.

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ZIKV is mainly spread through mosquito bites.

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