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Sexual Communication Between Early Adolescents and Their Dating Partners, Parents, and Best Friends

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This project was unique in that our assessment of communication extended to dating partners, parents, and friends, allowing a full comparison of subgroup differences across these communication partners. Importantly, we found these subgroups differed in several ways. Specifically, consistent with past work, we found that, overall, girls communicated more than boys see also DiIorio et al.

However, these subgroup differences were not entirely consistent across partner, parent, and friend communication. For example, African American youth were more likely to discuss sex with their parents than Caucasian youth, and they were more likely to discuss sex with their friends than Latino youth — but no ethnic differences were noted in communicating with dating partners.

The lack of differences in partner communication may reflect the fact that conversations about sexual health in early dating relationships are very difficult for most youth and perhaps less amenable to influences of culture or gender than communicating with parents or friends.

Our findings also suggest that critical messages about sexual health may be reaching adolescents too late if conversations between youth and their parents are initiated later in adolescence, after youth have started dating and may already have become sexually active.

It is important that parents have conversations about sexuality early and often with adolescents, before the onset of sexual activity, so that youth are prepared to make fully informed decisions about their sexual health.

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However, talking with parents did not work in isolation. Specifically, youth who communicated with both their parents and their friends were the most likely to have important sexual health discussions in their early dating relationships as well. Furthermore, the direct effect of parent communication was not significant among youth who engaged in high levels of communication with their friends.

Yet, to our knowledge, this was the first study to assess directly the synergistic effects of parent and friend communication on sexual communication with dating partners.

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The current study examined the breadth of sexual communication topics Contributing to the growing body of research in this area Noar et al. Youth who communicated about more topics with their partners also were more likely to use dual forms of contraception at first intercourse.

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