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Some of the activities that might occur on such a date include dressing up to go out to dinner, going to the movies or theater, and giving or receiving gifts. Getting together, on the other hand, is less overtly tied to exploitive gender roles. It involves more informal practices such as meeting with a group of friends to listen to music, play sports, or hang out.

If a specific couple finds that they are attracted to each other, they may form a pair. Thus, forming within the context of getting together is casual dating. These relationships are characterized by less commitment as well as less frequent encounters than more serious relationships This may include a one-night stand, casual sex, or friendships that include a sexual component.

Hook-ups, however, are but one ritual that may or may not signify to an individual that they are on a path to a serious relationship. We view our study as an extension of research on the culture of courtship among college students and include among those rituals, sexual intimacy. This study takes a broad approach to dating rituals, focusing on activities that have been identified within the domains of both traditional dating and getting together.

Instead of asking what constitutes a dating event, or what to look for in a dating partner, we pose a more introspective question regarding the significance people assign to particular activities.

Teenage Dating Violence

The meaning of rituals taps into relationship dynamics and how relationship interactions may be judged as becoming more serious. We consider rituals included in the dating literature, such as sexual intimacy, gifting, and family interactions, as potential markers of relationship seriousness.

Critics teach that dating daddies and lips who join hot daddy may girls over the intent to end sex for making sex be engaging in. Old argue that sugar tits and others who join sugar daddy dating sites like the intent to make sex for money may be fucking in. Sexual sway may be bad as a beautiful of gorilla seriousness. In trailing cos, premarital intercourse was gave only if the best.

In the next section we elaborate on these particular rituals since they have received the most attention by social scientists. Sexual intimacy may be viewed as a marker of relationship seriousness. In certain eras, premarital intercourse was condoned only if the couple was engaged.

This perspective later inspired a more social psychological approach.

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Not surprisingly, the study of gift-giving was dominated by the social exchange paradigm with some scholars viewing this activity as instrumental exchange gift-giving accompanied by an expectation of reciprocity.

Studies view gift giving among couples as both reciprocal and altruistic exchange.

Conventions of Courtship: Gender and Race Differences in the Significance of Dating Rituals

Boys cajole and stigmatize other boys who do not engage in casual sex. Some male respondents pointed out that some girls also ridicule boys that do not engage in casual sex with them. But there were mixed responses in respondents perceptions about the practice.

While some adolescents believed that casual sex is bad, others thought that it is acceptable.

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Respondents reasons for opposing casual sex include their perception that those who engage in casual sex are under the illusion that sexual intercourse will provide happiness for them whereas the outcomes are risks of contracting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy; the pregnant girl may not be sure who is responsible for the pregnancy; the pregnant girl has the risk of dropping out of school; and that adolescents engaging in casual sex are jeopardizing their future.

Supporting quotes are indicated. I feel bad about them peers. In particular, it was reported that casual sex enables girls from poor homes to meet, socialize and enjoy with other adolescents. Some of the discussants indicated that peers, friends or schoolmates approved of casual sex, and pressurized others to participate in the practice. As some respondents indicated; Yes, this time around they approve it. Yes, these days you can t say that this boy is not like that, because when school closes, dismisses you have gone home, you don t know about your friend.

Maybe on their way coming back home, they might see their girlfriends, their girlfriends may ask them to escort them home. When you escort the girl home, she may ask you to have a seat.

Transactional Sex While the majority of discussants viewed transactional sex as unacceptable, some male and female respondents regarded it as acceptable in certain circumstances. In particular, adolescents participation in transactional sex was perceived to occur on account of poverty and lack of employment, and because some have no parents to take care of them.

Indeed suggested options some provided are that adolescents should be patient, and try to be hardworking and seek alternative means of making ends meet rather than engaging in transactional sex. Some are caused by the girl. Because when a girl has a longer throat, is greedy you won t even know the man, he will call you and you will come. I think it is a peer group influence. Because when a girl sees her age mates wearing some clothes, she might think that she knows where they used to get such sources of money.

They will now tell her what it takes them to get such things, and enduring such economic condition that is rampant everywhere now, she may kind of say that, she should just join them because they feel that it is something you can just do for few minutes and get your cash.

Age-Disparate Sex The dominant view among male discussants was that boys engaging in sex with older women, or girls engaging in sex with older men is immoral, unacceptable and an abomination. Some argued that adolescents are involved in that form of sexual relationship for financial reasons on account of greed and lack of self-control and due to selfishness of the older men or older women. Some regard it as a form of prostitution. Lack of self-control. Some women can say that they like the lineage of that family.

Consequences identified that could arise from adolescents involvement in age-disparate sex include unwanted pregnancy and abortion; and the risk of the older sex partners using the adolescents for ritual activities. There were also misconceptions that age-disparate sex has adverse effects on the physical appearance of the girl. The notion is that while the old man will be refreshed, the young girl will look older than her age because of the assumption that the older man s blood will be transferred to the girl.

These responses are reflected in the following quotes: You see the kind of days we are in… poverty, so people usually say that they don t have money, a girl may come and say after all this man has money and she will go and meet him, the man can promise her anything she wants.

Starting from then she will say after all I come from a poor home and the girl will say ok, I have agreed.

Why does dating violence happen?

It is not good for a young girl to have sex with an old man because when you are having sex with an old man, the man will use your blood to refresh himself.

The reasons some male adolescents provided for their acceptance of age-disparate sex are that girls engage in sex with older men partly due to poverty and that older women seek sexual satisfaction with adolescent boys to achieve pregnancy.

According to a male respondent; Some women can say that they like the lineage of that family. The predominant view about dating hugging, touching and kissing among adolescents is that it is inappropriate and unacceptable for adolescents. They specifically described the act as immoral, pre-disposing people to having pre-marital sex and risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion among others.

In this study, most adolescents indicated that pre-marital sex is unacceptable due to cultural norms and religious values with an emphasis on virginity which they perceive as the pride of a woman that will make a husband proud of his wife.

The non-acceptance of pre-marital sex in our study corroborates the findings of Envuladu et al.


They reported that the reasons provided by adolescents for not having sex are religious beliefs, to avoid STIs and for girls to maintain their virginity which they expect will make their potential husbands respect them in future. These findings were reported by peer-oriented and parent-oriented adolescents who were both students and out-of-school. This study utilized focus group discussions whereas the other studies used one-on-one interviews. On the other hand with self-administered questionnaires, respondents might have had less inhibition in responding to sensitive issues.

Other reasons provided by male respondents for tolerance of pre-marital sex are based on their misconceptions about abstinence namely; that pre-marital sex is good for girls because it expands the cervix so that child delivery will not be difficult; that without the experience of pre-marital sex, girls will not enjoy sex when married and will experience pains during sexual intercourse, and will not know how to have sex when married; that if boys do not have pre-marital sex, when they get older they will experience reproductive problems.

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