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Other apps, like Salaam Swipe and Minder, report high success rates for young Muslims who previously had a hard time finding a partner. While the men behind these apps launched them with the hope of giving young Muslims a positive platform to interact on, they say there are still many in their societies that oppose the idea of young couples interacting.

But no app setting can stop the gossip mill. Like many Muslim women, Ileiwat has chosen not to wear the hijab, but that has not saved her from glares and stares if she s out in public with her boyfriend.

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Because of the prohibition on premarital sex, older Muslims often frown upon any visible interaction between unmarried young people, no matter how innocent. This can sometimes lead to assumptions that two individuals of the opposite sex who are just hanging out have an inappropriate premarital relationship. But the fear of gossip and the older generation s fear of sexual relations between young men and women have made the concept of dating more intriguing for younger Muslims.

Using the word dating to describe relationships has resulted in a schism between older and younger generations. Because of this miscommunication, many couples instead use words like "togetherness" and "an understanding" as synonyms when talking to their parents about their relationships.

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Hodges refers to this gap as "that ocean between England and America," where words might be the same, but the way they are perceived is vastly different. I like to use the word talking or getting to know. But words, especially those borrowed from other places, soon take on the cultural contexts in which they are used.

Secret grocery dates, religion-specific apps: Dating as a Muslim woman in the pandemic

But perhaps, he suggests, young Muslims need to develop something for themselves that is "more rooted in our own moral sensibilities. The couple had a long-distance relationship while Malik attended law school in Ottawa and her boyfriend lived in Toronto. They planned to meet back up in Toronto this summer, but the pandemic hit.

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That has forced the couple to get creative. Dealing with racism and colorism in dating apps With protests putting a spotlight on the racism and colorism that exists across the country, more people are learning how to navigate race while dating. Muslims, too, are reckoning with the issue in their own communities. The pandemic led Ghufran Salih to try out Muslim dating apps.

But she left each app after a week or so.

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But most Muslims use religion-specific apps to find a husband or wife. Within Islam, causal sex and dating for fun are considered haram, or not permissible; marriage is the end goal. Instead of being able to the islamic extremists. Malaysia is not the future holds truly traditional values!

How Young Muslims Define

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