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LGBTQ Plus Glossary

This term is problematic to some because it can put a lot of the focus on the physical aspects of trans identity and ignore the processes many people go through to accept themselves and to come out if they choose to.

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Gender: A complex combination of roles, expressions, identities, performances, and more that are assigned gendered meaning by a society. Gender is both self-defined and society-defined. Gender is a spectrum rather a binary. Gender assignment: The gender we are assigned at birth, which is usually based on genitals. There is no right or wrong way to express your gender. Gender fuck: The act of messing with gendered expectations on purpose; the intentional crossing, mixing, and blending of gender-specific signals.

It is a celebratory word that highlights how amazing it can be to have a non-normative gender. Gender neutral pronouns: Pronouns other than the usually gendered he or she. Gender panic: The fear and revulsion some experience when presented with a person who does not meet their expectations for gender performance, expression, identity, or roles.

Gender role: Cultural expectations for what people should do with their lives, what activities they should enjoy or excel at, and how they should behave, based on what their gender is.

People who are genderfluid may feel that their gender identity or expression is constantly changing, or that it switches back and forth.

Genderless: A term very similar to agender but sometimes with more of a focus on not having a gender. Genderqueer: This term can be used as an umbrella term for all people who queer gender, as a somewhat similar term to gender nonconforming, or as a specific non-binary gender identity. As an umbrella term is can include gender nonconforming people, non-binary people, and much more. As a specific identity it can generally be understood as a gender that is neither man nor woman, possible in between the two or seen as a totally separate gender altogether.

GSM: An acronym standing for gender and sexuality minorities. Intergender: Those who feel their gender identity is between man and woman, both man and woman, or outside of the binary of man and woman. All people have gender expressions.

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Genderfluid: Describes a person who does not consistently adhere to one fixed gender and who may move among genders. Gender identity does not always correspond to biological sex. Gender Neutral: Not gendered. Gender neutral is not a term to describe people see Gender Expansive. A person who experiences no gender may be agender see Agender or neutrois see Neutrois.

LGBTQIA+ Terminology 101

Generally, Often an umbrella for nonbinary genders see TGNC. Gender Performance Theory: Coined by Judith Butler, gender performance theory is the concept that people do not have inherent genders based on their biological sex.

According to this theory, people continually perform their genders, instead of relying on their assigned sexes to determine their genders for them. Genderqueer: Refers to individuals who blur preconceived boundaries of gender in relation to the gender binary See Gender Binary ; they can also reject commonly held ideas of static gender identities.

Sometimes used as an umbrella term in much the same way that the term queer is used, but only refers to gender, and thus should only be used when self-identifying or quoting someone who uses the term genderqueer for themselves. Gender Roles: The strict set of societal beliefs that dictate the so-called acceptable behaviors for people of different genders, usually binary in nature.

Many people find these to be restrictive and harmful, as they reinforce the gender binary see Gender Binary. Gender Socialization: A process that influences and teaches an individual how to behave as a man or a woman, based on culturally defined gender roles see Gender Roles.

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Parents, teachers, peers, media, and faith traditions are some of the many agents of gender socialization. Gender socialization looks very different across cultures, both inside and outside of the It is heavily impacted by other intersecting identities see Intersectionality.

Some people fall towards more masculine or feminine aspects, some people move fluidly along the spectrum, and some exist off the spectrum entirely. Hermaphrodite: An offensive term for someone who is intersex see Intersex. The term has valid uses within academic circles relating to the study of non-human animals and plants but should not be used to describe humans.

Heteroflexible: A straight person who is most often attracted to people of a different gender from themselves but sometimes experiences attraction to people of the same gender as them. It is distinct from bisexuality.

LGBTQ+ Glossary

The term can have negative connotations of experimentation or indecision see Bi-curious. Heteronormativity: The assumption that everyone is heterosexual and that heterosexuality is superior to all other sexualities. Also referred to as straight. Homoflexible: A gay person who is most often attracted to people of the same gender as themselves but sometimes experience attraction to people of other genders or engage in sexual behavior with people of different genders from their own.

It is distinct from bisexuality see Bisexual. Homosexual: A term to describe gay, lesbian, or queer people which may be offensive depending on the speaker. Hormone Blockers also referred to as Puberty Blockers : Medical treatment which allows young trans and gender-expansive people to prevent the potentially negative outcomes of going through a puberty that does not match their gender identity. Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT : Treatment which allows trans and gender-expansive people to medically transition or feel more at home in their bodies see Gender-Affirming Surgery and Transition.

Those taking estrogen feminizing hormones may see some breast growth and decreased libido. Many intersex people take HRT to balance the naturally occurring levels of estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. Benefits of such therapy can include improved mental and physical wellness, and reduced anxiety and dysphoria, for those who experience it.

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Hyperfemininity: Term for the exaggeration of stereotypically female behavior, based on so-called gender roles see Gender Roles.

Hypermasculinity: Term for the exaggeration of stereotypically male behavior, based on so-called gender roles see Gender Roles. Intersex: Intersex is the current term used to refer to people who are biologically between the medically expected definitions of male and female. While many intersex people are noticed as intersex at birth, many are not. As intersex is about biological sex, it is distinct from gender identity and sexual orientation. An intersex person can be of any gender identity and can also be of any sexual orientation and any romantic orientation.

The concept of lived experience as a criterion on meaning was coined by Patricia Hill Collins.

Gender Diversity Terminology

This may be unintentional and without ill intent or can be a maliciously employed expression of bias. Regardless of intent, misgendering has a harmful impact. Misogynoir: A term coined by queer Black feminist Moya Bailey to describe misogyny directed towards Black women where race and gender both play roles in bias. Mispronoun: Similar to misgendering see Misgender , mispronouning is to refer to a person with the incorrect pronouns. This may be unintentional and without ill intent, or can be a maliciously employed expression of bias.

Regardless of intent, mispronouning has a harmful impact. Used most commonly within the Black community, the term is more often written than used in conversation. Monogamous: A term referring to individuals who are intimate or involved romantically with one person at a time.


Monolith: Refers to a large single upright block of stone, formally, and a group or organization with unified and unchanging attributes, informally. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has condemned it, saying non-consensual surgery of this kind can cause "permanent, irreversible infertility and severe mental suffering". This is why, four months after we first met, the idea of the silver box has not gone away.

Xxxora has previously given her support to a campaign led by a group of intersex women. Now, however, she has launched her own Silver Bo x Campaign, petitioning the UK Government to recognise those born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the typical definitions of female or male, and to stop such infants undergoing non-consensual and irreversible surgery to "fix" their sex.

It is believed to be the first series of pieces exploring the role of the hermaphrodite in nature. She will also be holding a regular film exhibition on the same theme at the Cinema Museum in south London from next month and will feature in an exhibition called Art for Youth at the Royal Academy of Arts in October. She is already making waves in the art scene.

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She knows she is unlikely to finish it. She made it and kept it at home for a long time until she gained the confidence to display it. Another love is horses. In the past, XXXora has also worked on a series on androgynous superstars. While she looked up to men who were "very feminised", she saw early on how society treated them. Solves all.

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