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AND what do women think men think about sex? In Malaysia, the main methods of enforcement are to issue a judgment debtor summons, garnishee proceedings, committal proceedings or an attachment of earnings against the defaulter. In a judgment debtor summons, the judgment debtor will be orally examined on oath and the court can then either make a new order for the debtor to pay the judgment either in one-lump sum or instalments or make an order for committal.

Garnishee proceedings are available to garnish monies owed to the debtor by a third party to satisfy the sum due to the judgment creditor. The court can order that the party be fined or jailed for being in contempt of court. What is the legal position on the reciprocal enforcement of financial orders?

REJA allows for orders of reciprocating countries to be registered in Malaysia and enforceable if: The order is a judgment of a reciprocating country. The order is final and conclusive as between the parties even if an appeal is pending.

There is payable a sum of money. However, orders cannot be registered if one of the following applies: Six years have lapsed from the date of judgment. The judgment has been wholly satisfied. It cannot be enforced by execution in the reciprocating country.

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Maintenance orders are not final and cannot be enforced under REJA. However, a lump sum order for maintenance can be registerable as it would be a final order. The MOFE provides the mechanism for a certified copy of the maintenance order made in a reciprocating country to be registered in the appropriate Malaysian local court by the Minister charged with responsibility for the judiciary.

Once registered, the maintenance order will be of the same force and effect as if it had been originally obtained in the local court and is enforceable in Malaysia. Similarly, on proof to the Malaysian court that the person against whom the order was made is resident in a reciprocating country, the court then sends a certified copy of the order to the Minister charged with responsibility for foreign affairs for transmission to the appropriate authority in the reciprocating country for enforcement.

The MOFE also provides the court with the discretion to make provisional orders of maintenance against persons resident in reciprocating countries, even in the absence of that person. This provisional order will have no effect unless and until confirmed by a competent court in the reciprocating country by a summons being issued, calling on the person to show cause why that order should not be confirmed.

Similarly, a local court can enforce provisional orders from reciprocating countries against persons resident in Malaysia. What powers are available to the court to make orders following a foreign divorce? If such a power exists, what is the legal basis for making such an application? A Malaysian court has no powers to make financial relief orders for the division of matrimonial assets of its own after foreign divorce proceedings.

Therefore, the ancillary issues of maintenance and division of assets should always be determined in the same jurisdiction as the divorce. In the case of a foreign divorce, therefore, it would only be possible to ask the court for enforcement of such orders in Malaysia, if permissible.

If children are present in Malaysia, and there are no existing maintenance orders made in foreign proceedings, an application can be made "at any time". Following the breakdown of a marriage, a parent or any other relative of the child, any child welfare association or any suitable person can apply for the custody of a child of the marriage.

A child of the marriage includes a child of one party, whether legitimate, illegitimate or adopted, who is accepted as one of the family by the other party to the marriage.

Subject to this welfare of the child , the court shall have regard to: The wishes of the parents of the child. The wishes of the child, where he or she is of an age to express an independent opinion. There is a rebuttable presumption that it is for the good of a child below the age of seven to be with his or her mother, but in deciding whether that presumption applies in a particular case, the court has to have regard to the undesirability of disturbing the life of a child by a change of custody.

Where there are two or more children the court is not bound to place both or all in the custody of the same person but considers the welfare of each independently. The person given custody is entitled to decide all questions relating to the child s upbringing and education.

The court can make orders for custody, care and control and access, as well as maintenance for the child. The court exercises its powers based primarily on the welfare of the child and must consider the wishes of a parent or parents.

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The court, when making an order for custody, can provide for visitation and rights of access to a parent deprived of custody or any member of the family of a parent who is dead or has been deprived of custody at such times or for such periods as the court considers reasonable. One half of school holidays. Alternate public holidays. Birthdays and important festivals.

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What is the legal position on international abduction? Although a Malaysian court will take into consideration the custody order of a foreign court of competent jurisdiction, it is not bound to give effect to it if this would not be for the child s benefit.

It is the welfare and interests of the child that are the paramount considerations to which all others yield, including the order of a court of competent jurisdiction. Once a child is physically within the jurisdiction, the Malaysian court has jurisdiction over the child and is entitled to enter into the merits afresh and form an independent judgment of its own on custody, applying Malaysian law, on the basis of what it considers is in the best interests of the welfare of the child in question.

The court will give proper weight to any such foreign order as the circumstances of the case dictates. The Malaysian courts have since held that if the court is satisfied no obvious real or immediate harm would befall the child if returned, children of foreign nationals who are only transient visitors to Malaysia will be returned to the country to which the child belongs, ordinarily resides or has the most real and substantial connection, without a full inquiry into the dispute.

Under what circumstances can a parent apply to remove their child from the jurisdiction against the wishes of the other parent? An order for custody can prohibit the person given custody from taking the child out of Malaysia. However, a parent who, pursuant to an agreement or order of court has sole custody, can obtain the consent of the other parent or apply to court for leave to take the child out of Malaysia.

The primary carer or the custodian s needs and wishes must yield to the best interest of the child. What is the legal position on surrogacy agreements in your jurisdiction?

Is surrogacy available to individuals and cohabiting couples both heterosexual and same-sex?

Things to know when dating a Malaysian

There is no legislation on surrogacy in Malaysia. There are also no reported cases on surrogacy, which involves an agreement by which a gestational or surrogate mother agrees to bear a child for someone else, that is, the commissioning parent or parents. However, should there be a dispute for example, where the surrogate mother reneges on her agreement , any attempt to compel an adoption following surrogacy will most certainly not be upheld by a Malaysian court, as it will probably be held to be contrary to public policy.

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