Interracial Sex Hookups

Comparing Intimacies Race Relations and Racial Inequality in Hookup C by Sarah A. Spell

Because hookups are by their nature non-committal, they have arguably fewer barriers While Asian men and non-White women are less likely to participate, they are more likely to desire opportunities to hook up suggesting that they are excluded from hookup culture rather than opting-out. Social distance is further revealed by two measures of interaction.


You also want to try and do something different. When you date them, it actually is a different kind of perspective. Although teachers were racist toward them and made them feel as outsiders and strangers relative to white youth and other immigrant groups at high schools, such as Filipino youth, the African newcomer youth expressed a sense of placement—along with displacement—in these everyday places.

Dating whomever they wanted aligned with their desires to rightly experience sociability with different racial and cultural groups.


We focus on two such locales for this dating: home and downtown. They do not have to caution themselves around their family. Dany had had a similar experience.

Our point here is not to convey exceptionalism about Canadian hospitality—racism was also experienced with the families of white girlfriends—but rather that interracial sexuality was played out within, and animated by, intimate spaces of domesticity. Homes, in this sense, became a kind of frontier and site in the local production of interracial sexuality where Black African youth were key actors within and also subjects of multiculturalism. Downtown Apartments, Transgressive Spaces Sam had been living in Winnipeg for five years when we met him.

As a single man in his twenties when he had arrived in Winnipeg, he frequented the downtown night spots with friends, including other Eritreans.

For Sam though, the city was an important space for fostering male camaraderie and heterosexual sexual relations and social networks. He spent much time downtown, immersed in a growing youth subculture that was transforming the urban landscape. Socializing opportunities available downtown were often associated with transgression.

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Sam liked to play pool and smoke shisha with other Eritreans and Ethiopians in the Ethiopian restaurant bars. An Eritrean friend who worked long hours in several jobs lent out his downtown apartment to Sam and his friends so that they could entertain women once the bars and clubs closed for the evening.

Located close to the bars and clubs, in the apartment Sam and his friends could watch porn and chill with their girlfriends or hookups, providing a sexual space that allowed the men to avoid bringing women to both the family homes of Sam and his friends and the family homes of the women. For Sam, introducing any of the women he met downtown to his family was unthinkable, nor did he want to meet their families.

African male youth regarded sexual encounters with white women as desirable outcomes of the physical and social mobility that these young men enjoyed.

Black Girl Interracial Sex Hookup

Located in a particular time and space, youth were thus active agents in shaping both white femininity and interracial sexuality. The broader issue regarding which women fit within the imaginary of normative femininity is salient to the reshaping, transmuting, and calling into question of white womanhood currently underway in Canada.

Interraciality necessitated decoding as much as constructing white femininity. Like many of our interlocutors, Odol articulated a desire to express sexuality seemingly made possible through whiteness, such that the characteristics that he and his friends had come to associate with white normative femininity were that which he desired, as outlined above, and not necessarily the skin color, fleshy body, ethnicity, or nationality of the actual person.

One way they did so was by negotiating new boundaries of race and ethnicity as newcomers in a complexly diverse city. On the one hand, in making white femininity and womanhood such a key symbol of Black male heterosexual sexual transgression, youth appear to be bolstering the power accruing to whiteness. Race is ignored in the naturalizing trick of normalizing white bodies in Canada.

How was erotic and sexual desire and heterosexual orientation animated by imaginaries and social relations of racial difference embodied and performed in specific spaces and places? We have explored these questions.

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Interracial Hookups

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