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My believers need some time trusting myself beautiful men have. Which he liked. He moved back a bit until his cock was sliding between my fingers and he approached my face. Will we kiss and make out, I thought? He looked at me and smiled. Yes, I thought and pulled him to me.

Free Hook-up Bisexual

We continued to make out for a few minutes while I fondled his cock and balls, hanging down as he kneeled over me. He was also reaching down and feeling the outline of my hard cock.

Very ok. Do you mind my smaller one? I love the way it feels. Your bush really turns me on too. And your balls feel so sexy.

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He knelt by my face, looking down as I guided his cock into my mouth and listened to him hiss as I took it all in, licked it all over and fondled his balls. I was sucking his cock now, enjoying the feeling of his uncut head and wrapping my tongue all around it, feeling it inside against the cock head, licking it all around. He started to slowly fuck my mouth. As he did I moved my head so more would go in each time.

I was able to get his entire erection in my mouth While this was going on he had reached down inside my bikinis and was playing with my cock.

Then slid them off so we were both nude. He came and started to squirt in my mouth. Four or five big spasms as he moaned. Some of his cum started to leak out of my lips as I tried to swallow some.

He held his cock in my mouth for a minute and told me how good it felt. Just like this. In fact you stay there and I am going to fuck your huge cock. Balancing it there he took some lotion and rubbed it around his hole and my dick. Then he started to push down on my cock.

Free Hook-up Bisexual

But it feel so good sliding into me. Your hole is so hot and tight around my cock. I was getting very close to cumming and told him so. And this made him move even more erotically. His balls would rub against my stomach and his cock, starting to get stiff again, bounced up and down, tapping my stomach as it came down.

We were looking at each other as we spoke and looking at our bodies. I could see my cock sliding into him between his legs as he moved up and down. I noticed his cock hard again and lightly stroked it with my fingertips. This made him tighten his ass and suddenly I shot my cum into him with a huge gasp. Cum inside me. We were looking at each other as we spoke and looking at our bodies. I could see my cock sliding into him between his legs as he moved up and down.

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I noticed his cock hard again and lightly stroked it with my fingertips. This made him tighten his ass and suddenly I shot my cum into him with a huge gasp. Cum inside me. Give me that huge cock of yours.

But he kept riding my cock, slowing down as I did and then collapsing on me as I finished my orgasm, my cock still buried inside him. Now normally, I would have been totally satisfied, but for some reason as I felt his hard cock against my stomach as he lay on top of me, I started to get really turned on.

Free Hook-up Bisexual

Not like hard turned on, but rather wanted to keep having sex with Len. Does that mean you want to fuck me now? Your cock feels really sexy against me. There was something about riding your cock like that that made me hard again. It felt like you were making it hard from inside me. Then I reached down and put some on my hole, feeling it, thinking how much fun it was going to be to take his gorgeous cock.

I spread my legs for him as he moved down and got between them. I could feel the head of his dick slide up and down my crack, brushing against my hole. I moaned and reached down and taking ahold of his cock put it against my pucker.

I pushed against it a little to help it get through.

A guitar show hookup

He pulled out a little and pushed in again, each time his cock went farther in. I raised my ass up a bit farther so he had a better angle entering me and I could feel more slide in. When he had gotten all the way in I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks.

It was like when he was riding my cock but now he was riding my ass and I could feel his hips slide back and forth and that wonderful cock went in and out.

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I spread my legs more and even wrapped them around his waist. I started to push back against his fucking. He liked that. What a sight that was. I told him how hot it was to see him fucking me and he spread his legs some so that I could see his hard dick slide in and out. I had never seen that before.

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All at once he tensed up and held me really tight as he started to cum up my ass. It felt warm and I could feel more moisture around my ass as his cum leaked out.

He kept pumping and thrusting as he came and then it was over. He stopped and we just laid there with him covering me, his softening cock still inside.

His cock slipped out and we cleaned off. We both got off again, but were had pretty much finished. I got ready to leave and we made some plans to get together later in the year. Maybe even get together with my girlfriend too.

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