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Whether you re looking for love locally or internationally, we bring Asian singles together in an environment where they can feel comfortable being themselves and expressing themselves as singles and as Asians.

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Our privacy settings put you in charge of who you want to see, and who you want to see you. If you want to show personal photos and videos in your profile, Great! You are in full control. Our entire system is designed to make it easier for you to meet compatible singles we re confident will suit your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for friendship, just interested in casual Asian dating, or seeking a committed relationship or marriage, AsianMatchMate is the right place to find someone special. Dating stereotypes are everywhere and you, as someone who is actively looking for Asian dates, should know how to separate the legit from sham. You will be respected Asian people are generally courteous and polite towards other people, but they give special regards to women and the elderly.

Ladies, expect that you will be treated with care and respect during a night out with an Asian date. You will get to travel and experience new cultures You will get to expand your horizons and experience things you don t even know exist before.

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If you want, you can make these visits a way to get to know your date more. If your date is part-American, it s all the more exciting because you can trace his cultural roots together.

They make empathetic husbands and fathers Fathers who leave their children and break up with their wives are generally frowned upon in Asian cultures. This is why most Asians you will get to know grew up in a family who understands the value of having a father figure.

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They are good providers In most Asian countries, men are expected to carry the load of making sure the financial sustenance of his family.

Expect to find responsible Asian men who are ready to take on the role of the provider. However, modern times have seen a shift in couple attitudes as Asian wives are also taking on careers to provide for the family. Back to top Asian Dating Stereotypes With all the dating lore and folk wisdom out there, it s easy to get lost in a sea of information and fail to differentiate the true from the false.

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Dating Stereotypes in Asian Men Many problematic stereotypes surround Asian men, like their desirability, or lack thereof. Don t let these misinformed stereotypes stop you from finding the man of your dreams. He is "effeminate" How Asian men are portrayed in movies and television programs is partly the reason why there is a common notion that they are effeminate. They have been shown as sidekicks who serve as comic relief, extremely nervous and could not talk to girls, or deeply accented to the point where you cannot understand them.

However, this remains untrue the same as the other stereotypes. He is nervous around women Most Asians usually give off a calm vibe and can be misconstrued as shyness. Do not fall for this misconception as most Asian cultures attribute calmness to being respectful. He is a nerd Asian kids are taught to value their education the moment they step in their kindergarten class.

Most parents are proud of their children going to school or learning a new skill, which is why they are often stereotyped as being overachieving nerds. Keep in mind that every person has different personalities. Even if Asian parents are generally particular about education, it doesn t mean that their children won t develop their own interests along the way. You may have some of your information wrong.

Here are some popular dating stereotypes about Asian women: She is a bad driver, so you need to be the one to drive during dates This "Asian women are bad drivers" stereotype is so popular that it has made it to movies, television shows, news skits, and even cartoons.

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It s lodged enough to our minds that it has become the focus of multiple studies. One study also compared the crash rates of immigrant drivers versus those of native drivers in Canada. However, the study found that Asians actually had fewer accidents than long-term native drivers. She will become a housewife There is a common misconception that most Asian women are domesticated and likes to take on the role of being a housewife.

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This is not true. Asian women are goal-oriented, resourceful individuals who excel in their jobs. She has a submissive personality No myth is more harmful than the expectation that someone is submissive based on race. Science has shown that these impractical ideals can cause damage to a women s sense of self-worth. In fact, after getting to know an Asian woman, chances are you will find that this is, in fact, quite the opposite.

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