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For More Information These resources are for information only and are not meant to be comprehensive. The resources may change without notice. References Common Sense Media. Social media, social life: how teens view their digital lives.

How to Find Hidden Dating Profiles: Discover if Your Partner Has a Secret Dating Profile!

Article Locations: Children, adolescents, and the media. Policy Statement. American Academy of Pediatrics. The impact of social media on children, adolescents, and families. Council on Communications and Media. Health implications of new age technologies for adolescents: a review of the research.

Concerns Regarding Social Media and Health Issues in Adolescents and Young Adults

Interventions using new digital media to improve adolescent sexual health: a systematic review. Electronic media-based health interventions promoting behavior change in youth: a systematic review. Tweeting about testing: do low-income, parenting adolescents and young adults use new media technologies to communicate about sexual health? The impact of the internet on the sexual health of adolescents.

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Electronic bullying among middle school students. Following you home from school: a critical review and synthesis of research on cyberbullying victimization.

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Longitudinal and reciprocal relations of cyberbullying with depression, substance use, and problematic internet use among adolescents. Do bullied children get ill, or do ill children get bullied? Is peer victimization associated with academic achievement? A meta-analytic review. Cyber bullying and physical bullying in adolescent suicide: the role of violent behavior and substance use.

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Would this sample be similar in baseline characteristics to the on-the-ground sample in higher HIV prevalence communities? Methods The purpose of this study is to evaluate Facebook advertising to successfully reach and recruit the target population of predominately African American or Black women in higher HIV prevalence communities for an HIV prevention clinical trial, and to compare baseline characteristics, HIV risk, and cost estimates to a sample recruited on-the-ground.

The purpose of the parent study is to recruit young, adult urban women into a clinical trial to determine the efficacy of an HIV prevention video web series on reducing HIV risk and increasing HIV testing. The advertising component is strictly a recruitment tool because the study activities, including, consent, intervention delivery, and data collection were conducted on a website separate from the Facebook platform.

The university IRB approved full implementation of study protocols, including Internet and Facebook privacy protocols. This approach will help to answer whether there are significant differences in baseline characteristics, attrition, and study outcomes between those recruited online and those recruited on the ground.

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On-the-ground venues were those situated in high HIV prevalence zip codes in predominately African American and Black neighborhoods in MA, but, primarily neighborhoods in Boston and surrounding cities.

Data were collected at local bus stops and shopping venues in collaboration with community organizations that serve lower income women, women at risk for substance use, a mobile health van attached to the university nursing school, and a Women, Infant, Children WIC site.

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When recruited via Facebook, the screening survey was not compensated. The PD also phoned those recruited on-the-ground to ascertain if there were any questions, in the event that a participant onsite had run out of time, such as, for child care or transportation pressures.

Another purpose for the PD to phone all online eligible and consented participants was to verify identity. She did so by asking questions, such as, Can you verify your age, please? What city do you live in? Not all of them were doing it but I thought it was best to remove everyone that I currently work with. I had never met this woman. We attended the same school many years back, but not at the same time.

Once I unfriended her, she asked me about it. I told her why, saying I thought we had nothing in commmon, but would be happy to be her friend; suggested she write me a letter telling me about herself. She then checked my posts, agreed that we had nothing in common. She also called me names.

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