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Going up to girls in Bangkok is nothing like back home in the west, most will be scared, shy or shocked if you go up and start talking. Note: you will find that a lot of Thai girls will give you their number but very few will message you or flake. Thailand has a very safe face culture. Practice Safe Bangkok Sex I know a lot of people who do not use condoms when they are having Bangkok sex, even with hookers. I always advise everyone to use a condom when they sleep with someone for the first time.

7 Ways To Find Sex in Bangkok

Even if you have sex in Bangkok for free by pulling a girl, still use a condom. But nether the less always practice safe sex in Bangkok. You can usually ask to see their cards to see when they last got tested. They are also less educated about safe Bangkok sex and are more likely to sleep with other people without using a condom. Can anyone get laid in Bangkok?

The Best Thai Dating Sites in 2021 – & Some Good Advice!

Bangkok is a great place because people care less about your looks than western cities. I mean sure it helps to be good looking, but often times you just need to be well dressed and clean shaven and girls will give you attention.

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Dressing the right way here goes a long way with normal Thai girls and working bar girls in Bangkok. How much does it cost? Not since the rise of go go bars decades ago have so many women been available to so many guys in such a concentrated area. The best thing is the focus. Any woman on a dating site is obviously looking to date which is totally different from public spaces like shopping malls and the street where a guy has no idea if a lady he has his eyes on is single, straight or interested in being approached at all.

A great dating site for adult encounters

As most farang in Thailand know, one of the most popular dating sites locally is Thai Friendly. While this website is good it is focused solely on the Land of Smiles. There are many other websites out there and a few that cover the whole world. One of the problems with online dating apps and websites in Thailand is knowing who is a girl, who is a ladyboy, and which girls are bar girls and freelancers.

The best dating apps in Bangkok

On ThaiFriendly, if you want to meet Thai ladyboys online in Thailand, or not, there is a category just for ladyboys. Spotting Bar Girls and Freelancers Some girls make it perfectly clear they are not bar-girls or freelancers, and some that they are bar girls and freelancers, but very few.

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Some have raunchy pictures in their profile see above , display their message app ID, or leave other subtle hints. You should politely, directly, or indirectly ask if girls are bar girls, freelancers, or not. You can search for the gender and sexual orientation of your choice.

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