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She was wondering if the the entire hospital had gone mad or just did not care about her being next. Partner eventually cleared, he had visited a dentist the week he was infected.

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Man ran a sexual risk and went crazy internet googling. Mum in law rang. She was vaccinated. She is a real character. Man Dating new girl who knows nothing about her HBV. Sent info.

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He was diagnosed at birth his mum was positive too. Mum and daughter have signs of developing liver disease, planned test and vaccination for husband and other kids explained her low viral load state and sent info about attendant ailments, she had fibromyalgia pains and arthritis which is common. Lady rang in tears, her Pakistani finance tested HBV positive doctor said is probably because of sex or heroin problems.

Health care worker called. Sent info built hope told her employer not to vaccinate her as has HBV. Got uninfected partner vaccinated. Sad people are diagnosed but given so little information.

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Greek man rang, scared. Mother in law rang. Her HBV infected son in law confessed to adultery, he was Nigerian so probably infected from childhood as other daughter tested negative. Far too common confusion. Bleeding anal sex involved. People planning rough anal sex need HBV vaccinating. She should be lucky this time she is getting final test in December sent info.

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She was clear, his infection was around the time of a fight in which he was wounded. Wife rang her HBV husband and her keen to learn sent info. Arranged vacc for wife. I mean our doctors are calling a helpline to HBV vaccinate their own selves now!

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Cameroon Lady HBV positive needed all the usual advice, she was such a good learner and eventually so positive about things Just love empowering patients and the I am going to be fine at the end, so few patients understand their infections.

She was low load and cried when she understood how to get married and have kids.

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