caminade / caminargent "Dandy A" #429

finally took delivery on this bike after a comedy of errors over the last 4 months... im pretty excited about it, despite the lack of rideable condition - its taken a head impact of some sort, and the rear tire actually rubbed through the inside wall of the left chainstay! wheels are shot to hell, stem is bent, front brake is bent... i knew there was a risk of this, but i just couldnt resist, cause these things are SO cool with the octagonal tubes and the ornate cast lugs...


stem: caminargent alloy
handlebars: caminargent alloy, upright style
seatpost: caminargent alloy
headset: stronglight
bottom bracket: stronglight cottered spindle, caminargent? alloy cups
crankset: unknown, 3-arm steel
brakes: gloria "tour de france" (rear missing, but probably safe to assume both were the same)
hubs: "metalloplan" alloy, rear fixed/free
freewheel: super dernois
pedals: caminargent? cast alloy platform
rims: steel 700c
tires: dunlop "cord" 700c

the more i think about it, the more likely i am to just clean this up in the condition i received it in, and invest no further time in tracking down components or repairing damaged ones. if something comes my way, fine - but this isnt ever going to be a rideable bike, so i cant really see the point in puting active effort into restoration - better to just appreciate it for its visual craftsmanship. i think ill probably end up pulling the whole thing apart, cleaning and polishing the frame and fork, and then just putting everything back on it as cleaned up as i can.

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