so, you like odd brakes, eh?

road bike brakes

Caliper type

Lefol France, 1950s

"Cam"-based designs

Bebolux France, 1950s
CLB "standard mixte" France, 1950s
Dura-Ace AX Japan, 1970s
Jeay France, 1940s
Lewis France, 1950s
PYL France, 1950s
There is a cam of sorts inside the cylindrical housing behind the return spring.
Casin France, 1940s
M. Brunelière, G.E.R. France, 1940s
Édouard Moreau France, 1940s
Bowden France, 1920-30s

"Toggle" or "Linkage"-based designs

Campagnolo "Delta"
M. Brun, Super Égal France, 1940s
MRC tt brake US, 1990s
Monitor UK, 1930s
Soncini weird Italian town bike brake. the cable apparently runs down through the hindmost upside-down v-shaped brace, under a bar, and then up to an attachment point on the upside-down u-shaped brace. the v-shaped brace is moved down, the u-shaped brace up, and the part holding the brake pad pivots the pad towards the rim. talk about overly complex solutions...
Terrot France, 1940s
Weinmann Switzerland
Unknown - Phillips? Ashbys? UK, 1930s
Unknown UK, 1930s
BSA Paratrooper UK, 1930s

Straddle Bar Cantilever type

Resilion Anchor UK
Monitor Super Cam UK
Unknown UK, 1930s

Unknown type

B & T (Bantel) Manx UK
Weinmann HP-Turbo Switzerland, 1980s - apparently works via some sort of worm gear...

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