elegant little bike bits...

these are some examples of parts that i just think are elegant, and that i would love to have, just for the sake of having, whether i had a bike to put them on or not. lots of french stuff here, eventually. ive left out stuff from my jos, lefol, ta, maxi-car etc pages, cause, well, its implied that i want all that stuff anyhow...

roger piel/cave pedals

french, circa 1950. crazy light (275g/pair) - bearings are bronze bushings! contemporary to the first specialites t.a. pedals, and the interesting underslung iso pedals.

erko fenders

french. interesting flange on the tail end of the front fender, but the embossed pattern is what gets me. and you thought zeppelin-look lefol "le paon" fenders were cool...

luxor fender-mount headlamp

french. 3 different styles of basically the same headlamp, nice match with lefol fenders.

radios fender-mount taillamp

french. a nice, aero design taillamp. just plain good looking.

prior high-flange hubs

french. probably the single most beautiful bicycle hubs ever produced. airy, lacy, you just want to stare at them forever... and i remember thinking that fb and airlite high flange hubs were pretty...

cyclo "passes-vitesses" bar-end shift levers

much as i like old campy bar-ends, theres just something aesthetically pleasing about these...

"toni merkens" track stem

oh my god, something that isnt french! something about that curve to the extension just makes it so appealling...

mavic 801/851 rear derailleur

one of the finest derailleurs ever made, in my opinion. fully adjustable cage, fully rebuildable body, ball bearing pulleys... just beautiful.

sturmey-archer tf 2-speed fixed hub

if you think an asc is cool, check this. smoother operating, and even rarer...

pino moroni, sooooooooper genius.

every bike nut should own a pino part. me, i own a quick release. the track bike shown here is full of crazy one-off custom stuff, like the hubs, or the plastic headset, or the ti stem, or little tubes running through the whole frame to provide extra stiffness, or the extra little stays, or... and that logo is so damn cool. 3 green mice? what the hell? awesome. anyone who can figure out a lugged ti frame is the MAN. (Cecil Behringer is the MAN, too, of course...)

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